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Do not question my authority week

March 1, 2011

Preston is starting to get on my damn nerves. Thank God I have people around me that keep me sane. What is it with authority figures and their attitudes?

At the end of last week I called the police because of incidents that has led me to believe..correction, KNOW, that I have someone following me and lingering outside of my bedroom window.

The Preston police asked if I was a that even relevant? Called me a bit overdramatic and said that this man might just be a shy admirer who is to nervous to approach me.

He has knocked on my window then door three times! Claimed to get the house wrong two times, asked for two different names of people who do not live in my house, and on his spare time he likes to chill outside of my window.

The man is between 35- early forties, Caucasian, dark short hair…some missing in the front…has been seen wearing a black jacket with jeans and white trainers about 175 cm sorry I don’t do British measurements.

And then today, I let a nurse know that it is hard to draw blood from me. But she seems to think that she has some kind of x-ray vein vision that will allow her to draw blood from anyone.

Five attempts later of poking and wiggling a needle around in my flesh she finally hits jackpot and in some weird way, I end up feeling guilty and like an idiot.

I wouldn’t tell anyone how to do their job, but Preston and I have had way too many incidents, which has led me to believe that some people here are just absolutely miserable and the only way they can find happiness is by showing their authority and sometimes miss-using it.

Love/ A very annoyed Fatima

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  1. Solomon James Adeolu permalink

    Hi Fatima. I imagine you are a Nigerian or African from your name as i am one too.I just gained admission into UCLAN and I am trying to make friends there before I come to let me in on some issues so as to know what to expect. I hope you would accept to be friends with me. I’d send you a request and look forward to talking with you preety soon. Have a good evening.

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