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Questions and answers part 2

February 9, 2011

Here’s part 2 of the Q’s and A’s from this post!

hey so you’ve mentioned you have a new man in your life every now and again but i’m just wondering what kinda guy is he and is there any hope for me in the future with you x

Hi there,

He is a great guy. Funny, talented, loving, caring, wonderfully insane and still gives me butterflies (corny I know). We have many things in common, like values, and being extremely fly, and he makes me very happy. He doesn’t argue or judge, and if he knows something is making me unhappy he will try his best to make me smile again. I can’t imagine being with anyone else...except for Mishah if we rolled that way lol, she is my twin soul! So no I don’t believe you have a chance because I know he’ll hold on to me as tight as I will to him for as long as possible, through thick and thin…hahaha …feels like I’m writing wedding vows!

Hey, dont know if you remember me. We had hip hop and house classes together at De Anza when you lived over here in Cali. I was just stopping by to say hey hey and hope life is good in Europe. And how is it going with your all girl dance crew? Are they as good as the mixed one you had back here? love

Quentin!!! How could I ever forget you! If you got off Myspace and got fb we could stay in touch you know haha. I really miss you guys!!! Please email me your number! I don’t want to write about the girl crew before anything is final but I am looking forward to seeing where it’s going!! I do not think we will be worse or better but very different to the De Anza one! Think Sexy and feminine meets hard and bad ass and that’s what I want this new crew to be like!!!

Whats wit da husbands…thought u was promised 2 me lol!
yo wzaaaaaapm Tima???!!! When u coming back to cali? We miss u chica!!! the undefeated battle dance queen!!

Hey Danny!!! haha yeah I have back up husbands on the blog 😛 And I never promised your ugly face anything haha. I miss you guys more 🙂 I love that nickname by the way, might have to change my name to that you know!!! I was planning on coming back after a year…but I fell in love with England…who would have thought huh?! But I think I’ll go further south if I return…like San Diego:)

Hey can you give some quick hair growth tips for hair of african heritege?

Hey girl! Here are some easy things you can do. I assume you go all natural…I mean weave free.

1. Do not use chemicals! Do not relax, dye or texturize your hair.

2. Give yourself a hot oil treatment and deep conditioning treatment once a week, or every second, but for best results every week. Start with hot oil treatment (you can make your own by mixing olive oil, honey and heating it up before you massage it into your hair and leave it in for 15-30 min…I will write more in depth about it later on).

After the hot oil treatment, use shampoo and conditioner like normal (These should not have certain ingredients like sodium sulfate which is normal in hair products for “White” hair..I’ll write about this later on.)

After that give yourself a deep conditioning treatment and wrap your hair in plastic while it’s working on your scalp and hair…for best result sit under a hood dryer for 15-30 min (or use a normal hair dryer) or sleep in it! Rinse in the morning, put some form of moisturizing cream in scalp and leave in conditioner in hair.

Do not weigh your hair down with loads of grease…this is something many have thought to be good, but it only damages your hair when you get too much build up.

3. Avoid heating appliances as much as possible..if not possible..use heat protection lotions.

4. Washing your hair often  with shampoo, if it is “black”, will damage it, but rinsing it every now and then is only beneficial! So if you are a “wash every or every second week,” kind of girl…at least rinse it more often like your body needs water, so does you hair!

5. Sleep with a satin scarf or on a satin pillow case to reduce breakage and keep the moist in your hair. Anything else will dry it out and increase breakage because our hair is more sensitive and fragile.

hi, great blog….just wish u’d go back 2 updating as much as before! so here’s my contribution.

What is a perfect date 2 u?
How does someone approach u if they are to nervous/shy 2?
What kind of men do u like?
Do u want me?

Thank you!!!

A perfect date depends on the person. If someone is very shy about dating, seeing a movie is good lol don’t need to talk much, but make it an early one so you can have dinner afterwards. You dont want to spend the date in the dark looking at a big screen. Otherwise I think it’s up to the guy to try to be creative. The perfect date is all about being comfortable with someone and having loads of fun. Oh and, The guy should always offer to pay for the first date in my opinion!

If someone want’s to approach me they just have to be polite. I do however not appreciate the hey baby wzaap can I have those digits. But if it’s just to get to know me, just introduce yourself!

The kind of men I like are kind hearted, down to earth, generous, funny, has some kind of talent, get’s along with my friends and family and someone I can talk to about everything without judgement.

And no…I don’t want you hahaha



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