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Questions and answers part 1

February 9, 2011

Here’s part 1 of the Q’s and A’s from this post!

What do you think about Vybz Cartel and his skin bleaching? is he right that why people tan, so black people bleaching similar and there for is innocuous?

This is a very good question and I’m working on a post about skin bleach. I do not believe it is right to compare tanning to bleaching your skin, which has a permanent effect on you. At the same time I think it is important that people understand that bleaching is common amongst black people all over the world and in many Asian countries, and I think people need to understand why. I can’t speak for Asians but considering that India as an example was also a nation colonized by Britain it is safe to say that there might be some historical similarities to African countries.

Many South American and Caribbean countries had African slaves like the US. If a slave happened to be of a lighter complexion, and had facial features that were considered more “European”  by their masters, they got to be house slaves. The darker slaves were forced to do more heavy work like working for hours out in fields, they didn’t get the same nicer clothing or got to live in nicer accommodation because they weren’t considered as beautiful or as worthy.

I will write more about the historical background to this, but what I am trying to say is, It has been imprinted on people with black heritage for hundreds of years that a darker complexion means less attractive and less worthy. The worst thing is that many black people themselves carry on this “slave mentality.”

I am 110% against skin bleach, especially on children because of the health risks and because black people should take pride in their complexions. Vybz Kartel is a great artist in my opinion but very ignorant and insecure when it comes to his skin. (Keep an eye open for the post about skin bleach coming soon).

First of all I think u’re gorgeous!
I would like to know..
1. What is ur tribe language?
2. why so obsessed with ethic stuff?
3. how was life in california?

keep up the good work you beauty

Thanks 🙂

1. I belong to the Mandinka (Mandingo) tribe.

2. I am very interested in countries languages and culture overall. I love it when a person has mixed heritage. I find it very interesting! You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’re coming from, so embrace your roots.

3. Cali was great in many ways, but getting a degree was far too expensive when the main focus was on the USA at all times in the classroom. I believe you need to open your horizon and try to explore the world outside of your own state before you can assume that your country has the best of the best in everything. That is one of the feelings I got from studying and interning over there, but it is safe to say that I definitely wan’t to go back! You are allowed to be great and amazing and let people know how good you are over there…try doing that in Europe..especially Sweden and they think you brag too much or get the perception that you think your sh** don’t stink.  Oh and the weather was great over there…I will have to put this in a separate post as well haha I have a lot to say about California.



I think you’re pretty and was wondering about that dance crew you wrote about recently. I live in Wigan, have done streetdancing for 7 years and I a quite interested.

Thank you! Please email me for information, click on contact to see my address. x

Can u explain the difference between the main places u have lived in
usa sweden and here? like what cultural differenses are there?

Wow! This could take a while…another thing I’ll put in a separate post, but to answer quickly…Sweden is the coldest California the warmest! England feels like home, but I have so much love for the states. Sweden will always be in my heart…born and raised there but it is the country with least old culture and traditions. I will have to get back to you on this one because I will get carried away with the writing.

Sorry my english is shit so i write in swedish.


Har följt din blogg sen 2006 och sett dig byta portal och växa helt enkelt. Vet inte varför jag fastnaade för din blogg men det är något speciellt med dig. undrar hur du känner att du förändrats sedan blogdog, och improveme blogg tiderna fram tills nu. och kommer du någonsin flytta tillbaka till sverige?

Hej! Vad kul att du följt bloggarna haha…känner jag dig? Annars är det lite stalker varning på dig! Jag har framförallt mognat och vuxit som person, och än är jag inte färdig. Sedan jag började blogga har jag nog ändrat stil…gått från ett dagboksformat där jag endast skriver om min dag, till att våga skriva åsikter till att skapa en stor röra av allt och skriva om allt som jag har i tankarna. Jag kommer nog aldrig flytta tillbaka till Sverige permanent, kanske ett tag efter studierna om jag inte får jobb här, men annars har jag inga planer på en flytt till lilla landet lagom.

Part 2 is below!

Love/ Fatima

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