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You ask I answer

February 4, 2011

Since so many of you are loyal every single day…I can’t help but wonder…where are all of the comments? I used to have fewer readers when I blogged in Swedish, but questions or random comments would pop up every now and then.

How can a minimum of about two hundred people go on my blog each day and instead of clicking on leave a comment, feel more comfortable to email me or poke me on facebook?

If you want more frequent blogging, I want more comments. So underneath this post, click on comments and ask me anything! Here are some subjects that might interest you!

  • Studying journalism in England
  • My Swedish and West African background
  • Growing up in Scandinavia
  • My obsession with ethnic history, language and culture
  • My obsession with Beyoncé
  • Student life in California
  • My main passions for dance and music
  • All things weave and natural Afro hair!
  • Life as a non-Brit in England

You can obviously ask about other things but I will try my best to reply within a few days so people have time to see this and actually comment. Might just take a few months off from blogging if I don’t start getting feedback. Everyone want’s to be acknowledged every now and then…I’m no different!



From → Answers, Fatima

  1. Keron permalink

    What do you think about Vybz Cartel and his skin bleaching? is he right that why people tan, so black people bleaching similar and there for is innocuous?

  2. your future husband permalink

    First of all I think u’re gorgeous!
    I would like to know..
    1. What is ur tribe language?
    2. why so obsessed with ethic stuff?
    3. how was life in california?
    4. When will you marry me?

    keep up the good work you beauty

  3. sandra permalink


    I think you’re pretty and was wondering about that dance crew you wrote about recently. I live in Wigan, have done streetdancing for 7 years and I a quite interested.

  4. anonymous permalink

    Can u explain the difference between the main places u have lived in
    usa sweden and here? like what cultural differenses are there?

  5. Matt permalink

    Sorry my english is shit so i write in swedish.


    Har följt din blogg sen 2006 och sett dig byta portal och växa helt enkelt. Vet inte varför jag fastnaade för din blogg men det är något speciellt med dig. undrar hur du känner att du förändrats sedan blogdog, och improveme blogg tiderna fram tills nu. och kommer du någonsin flytta tillbaka till sverige?

  6. your REAL future husband permalink

    hey so you’ve mentioned you have a new man in your life every now and again but i’m just wondering what kinda guy is he and is there any hope for me in the future with you 🙂 x

  7. Hey, dont know if you remember me. We had hip hop and house classes together at De Anza when you lived over here in Cali. I was just stopping by to say hey hey and hope life is good in Europe. And how is it going with your all girl dance crew? Are they as good as the mixed one you had back here? love

  8. What's with the future husbands-danny permalink

    Whats wit da husbands…thought u was promised 2 me lol!
    yo wzaaaaaapm Tima???!!! When u coming back to cali? We miss u chica!!! the undefeated battle dance queen!!

  9. A sista permalink

    Hey can you give some quick hair growth tips for hair of african heritege?

  10. Marcus permalink

    hi, great blog….just wish u’d go back 2 updating as much as before! so here’s my contribution.

    What is a perfect date 2 u?
    How does someone approach u if they are to nervous/shy 2?
    What kind of men do u like?
    Do u want me?

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