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You can never get rid of your shadow(s)

January 21, 2011

Okay people, sorry about the long break, but once I came back to uni I had an assignment due, re-freshers and I have been ill for a while now, but thanks to my constant funding of the pharmacy, that keeps it open, I’m sure I’ll be as good as new shortly!

Anyway, how are you guys doing? Missed me? I know you have, because many of you have been checking in every day. Thanks.

I wanted to turn this into a video blog, but since I look and sound like I feel I thought I’d spare you the trauma. I’d like to address the not so unique phenomena of  shadow syndrome. Never heard of it? Probably not, because I just made it up!

Shadow syndrome is when one or sometimes both persons in a relationship suffer from a common disease that makes them want to physically hold on to their partner at all times, through multiple public displays of affection.

You know when a lion pees on a plant to mark its territory? It’s pretty much the same thing, except a person suffering from shadow (also known as glue syndrome) syndrome will make-out with their partner in public and latch on to them as soon as they see anyone else looking their direction almost as if to say “He/she is mine,not yours, just mine.”

How to spot someone who suffers from the disease:

You know that couple that arrive hand in hand in the club? They only dance with each other, only hang out with each other, only have drinks with each other, when one goes to the bathroom, the other one kindly waits right outside….ready to pee on him/her as soon as s(he) comes out so everyone knows who s(he) belongs to.

You know that boy/girlfriend that doesn’t allow their partner to go to the club without them, since that’s practically cheating? Both or one of them suffer from shadow syndrome. Now if both persons love to show everyone at all times that they are with someone…congratulations!

But if one of you feel slightly uncomfortable having a tongue down your throat in public all the time….get out or get help quick….because you can never run away from your shadow.

Love/ Tima


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