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Life goes on

January 3, 2011

I have been talking a lot about relationships, but not about break-ups. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had an easy mutual break-up or one that resembles World War II, it is never easy when life takes an unexpected turn.

You have become comfortable with a person. Seen your future together with a person. Loved and cared for a person. Only to fall flat on your face. Your decision or not, you’ll feel something.

If you don’t feel any sadness or pain at all, great! You were probably never really in love and you were in that relationship for all the wrong reasons.

It might not feel like it now, but life does go on, and like I mentioned in this post, time heals all wounds but a scar might be left behind to remind you of the pain.

So what are some of the things you can do to move on?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve decided to be friends with your ex, if any of you still have feelings for the other, you should avoid seeing each other until you feel strong enough to spend time together without any feelings welling up.

If you really want to move on, stop looking at your ex’s Facebook profile, reading his wall and status updates. Let go now! Delete his/her number on your phone. Even if you know it by heart, you might just forget it eventually.

People like to advice someone to get out there again…back into the dating scene! But if you’re genuinely not ready for that, get out there with your friends and have fun. Don’t focus on getting into something new straight away, focus on just being you, an independent individual without a partner added to your identity.

Always remember “s(he) is an ex for a reason,” if you’re meant to find your way back to each other, you will eventually, but give yourself time to grow.

There are obviously loads of ways to move on, but every individual is different, needs a different amount of time, a different method and so on, but these are some of the things I think are good to go by.


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