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Where to draw the line on the dancefloor

December 28, 2010

This is a pre-written automatic post.

I love when I get a comment/ question about how I feel about something in the blog. And I got a great one recently.

It seems like you love to dance, but I would like to know how you feel about situations where someone in a relationship dances with someone else in an inappropriate way.  Do you have rules? Where do you draw the line? And what would your man think about you dancing in a certain way with other men? Love Jay

Don’t get it twisted folks, I’m not writing a cosmo-styled-how-to-guide, but I don’t mind starting a discussion about my area of expertise, the dance floor.

As you know or may not know, (haters skip this part),Im a dancing queen, I love dancing, dancing loves me….I own the dance floor bla bla bla.

We are all born with different talents and gifts, and I’m just a natural entertainer in many ways, but we’re not going to talk about me, even though I could go on for weeks, I want to talk about hitting the dance floor with a person of the opposite (or same sex, I don’t discriminate) in an “inappropriate” manner whilst in a relationship.

Dancing has always just been dancing to me, but also a way of expressing yourself, a taste of your hidden personality (Beyoncé VS Sasha Fierce kind of thing lol), or you just doing your thing.

I believe you should do what feels right for you on the dance floor. Lord knows I break it down when dutty wine comes on, but there’s a difference between doing that on your own, and with a person who’s not your “partner.” I don’t do any daggering with strange men (youtube the term if you’re not familiar with it…mum)

I love how many of my friends will have a fit if their boyfriend/girlfriend dance with a distance between them and someone of the opposite sex. I think healthy jealousy to an extent can be adorable, who doesn’t like a reminder that your man/woman want’s you to him/herself, but when it turns into a fist fight…that’s my cue to leave….and suggest couple’s counseling.

All couples need to sit down and make their own….not rules, agreements on what’s ok and what’s not, it’s better that way so no one gets hurt..and I don’t just mean emotionally.

So what’s Tima’s personal opinion? I would never interfere if my boyfriend is dancing with anyone….and trust me, more than once have people asked how I’m ok with “that”….I trust that he knows his limits, and it’s not up to me to stop him if it gets out of hand…if he doesn’t though…yeah…. he’ll have to deal with me in private.

But it depends on the guy and what kind of boyfriend he is, and until recently I didn’t have agreements, because I simply didn’t care. Go dance away in any way. I still feel the same to a point, because at the end of the night…he’s not leaving with anyone else but me :-D.

But for those who are curious to know….this is my mentality when it comes to the matter…

  • If you’re dancing is your number one seducing technique…don’t slow jam with my man
  • If it looks like you need to get a room with my man just from dancing…stop it…it’s bad
  • If you dance like I do with my man…it’s worse

It is as simple as that! And sorry Jay, I can’t answer for my boyfriend. I don’t really dance with other men, but I’ll ask him for a comment haha.

To be honest, Mishah is my  number one dancing partner, sine I go out with her, and I don’t dance with other random men…because I need my space...try doing splits with a man glued to your ass! It doesn’t work. And I save my “special” dancing for my boyfriend.

I have accidently punched, kicked, slapped and pushed people when I’ve been in my little dance trance. Who doesn’t want space on the dance floor every now and then?

Love/ Fatima

  1. daisy mayyy permalink

    I love this fatz. ❤
    I love how much I could analyse my dancing in a club… not sure what you think? but we both know it means nothing AND after a grind or two I back off anyway.. on to ANOTHER VICTIM!
    much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • haha thanks sweety! I love you to!!! hahaha you are always on it like sonic!!! Trust me..I’ll analyse your moves after your birthday celebration hahaha xxx

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