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130 episodes of childhood memories

December 25, 2010

Not too long ago, everyone started changing their profile pictures to their favorite childhood cartoon character to support the NSPCC in their struggle against child abuse (UK). I changed my profile pic to Thundercats heroine Cheetarah.

Click on Image to go to image website.

Not too long before that little profile picture campaign, I got all of the 130 Thundercats episodes. Watching them,remembering small details, knowing what’s coming in a random episode really makes you take a trip down memory lane. And understanding some things from a more mature aspect today is also interesting.

I was the only girl that watched the show as a kid amongst my friends. I remember trying to get some friends to watch it, it being in English didn’t help since the majority of the cartoons they watched on Cartoon Network were all in Swedish. My parents used to get me Disney films and other cartoons in English so that my third language would come natural to me. Very smart thinking indeed.

Click on image for original website


Since I have some time to kill at the moment…I’m going to continue watching the remaining episodes! Hope everyone has had/ are having a great Christmas. Can someone please tell me again why Scandinavia celebrate it on the 24th.


Love/ Fatima

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