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Pass The Courvoisier…what up Manchester?! PART 1

November 14, 2010

Epic night indeed. To tell this story I need to explain a few things. You guys need to know who Charlotte, Salia, and Sasha are before I can go any further.

Charlotte A.K.A Mishah

Sasha A.K.A Fatima

Salia A.K.A Zilah

These three women have been on an adventure since Thursday….and it ended in an interesting way last night in Manchester. After three days of dinners, dancing and laughing, we decided to grace Manchester with our presence.

After dinner at Nando’s, a loooong nap, and a 35-40 min drive into Manchester (“Salia” is one of the main characters in the fast and the furious), we started our epic evening.

We knew where we were heading, Entourage Nighclub….but the map on my phone kept lying about the directions so we ended up asking, what we thought…correction, what I thought was locals for directions.

First guy I asked was standing at the corner of a bar in sweats, trainers etc..even a sports bag. My first thought was,”Great someone who isn’t partying tonight and who will be sober.”

Sasha: ” Excuse me..can you tell me the directions to Entourage at Printworks?”

Man…with some northern drunken mumbo jumbo: ” aaaa dun aeoven nooo weeeeh aaa aaaam riiiigh noooohhh.”

Sasha, by the way…these names are our secret-undercover-club-names-so-people-can’t-find-us-on-facebook! : “Thanks!”

As we moved our journey on,asked more people for directions, including a taxi driver who replied to questions we hadn’t asked, Charlotte and I realized we recognized the area and knew we were on the right way.

At one point, a young gentleman so hypnotized by Charlotte’s beauty, failed to discover how his friend was sneaking up on him from behind, only to completely humiliate him in front of the girl he was chatting up by crushing a polystyrene box into his face while he was smiling at Charlotte.

We finally reached our destination around 00:45. We were on the guest list so we thought we’ll be slick and walk up to the very front and ask where the guest list que was, I couldn’t have been that loooong que we saw. Once the bouncer pointed at the long ass que, we weren’t ready to walk all the way back looking like idiots so we decided to just keep on walking to Lounge 31 , since they play the same kind of music, and finish our night off in Entourage.

Imagine the looks we’d get if we walked pass everyone….and then all the way back and stood behind them….that’s all I’m saying.

First thing we asked a female bouncer when we arrived at Lounge 31 was if it was busy, and she replied not yet, but it will get busy once the other clubs shut since they’re open until 6 am.

We just assumed that it would be like Brown’s on Thursday… was more like Brown’s on a busy Saturday and it was still early. The music was on point, the vibe was great, the only thing we would have loved was if it was bigger because it wasn’t full yet but waaay too crowded.

We got some drinks and danced a little on the side of the dance floor just observing. Sasha needed to see the competition on the dance floor and figure out if a battle was needed…it was not.

We hadn’t even been dancing for 20 min when a man approaches Charlotte a.k.a Mishah, tells her something, and she turns around while walking away with him…

“We are going to the VIP area..”

Please note that this was a statement not a question so I and Zilah look confused and just follow Mishah and her new friend to  the VIP area…only to find 2 other guys…how convenient… 3 men 3 women.

Part 2 coming……

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