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Part 2 of the Manchester night

November 14, 2010

I’d bet 10000000 pounds one of those men was the same age as my dad. They all introduced themselves, none of us remember their names but we were quick to give them our fake names, Salia and Charlotte are sisters from London, and Sasha is their cousin from Chicago.

After small talk and chillin, we get moved to another VIP area where the men ask us what we want to drink, except for Salia who actually gets her Redbull we do not get what we want and they pour us courvoisier and coke… grandpa was nice enough to take my glass because there was no way in hell I could drink that. After singing Pass the Courvoisier over and over because of the bottle….

R.Kelly’s Whine for me started playing and our “sugar daddies” insisted that we danced with them…one of them held out his hand for quite some time flicking it between me and Charlotte, since she is so nice she danced with him….at one point he grabbed her hands and swung them from left to right in a awkward manner.

Grandpa kept telling me to dance….I explained that I want space when Im dancing and don’t want anyone holding me…..he must have heard 20% of what I was saying…next thing I know..grandpa’s ready to break a hip because he moved a table in the VIP area for me to dance…but Brotha (old) Man still decided to get too close, but in a respectable manner.

We wanted to get rid of the men so I thought I’d go to the bathroom and work out a plot. Grandpa walked me all the way there and back. On the way there a random guy looked over at us and gave me compliment then said “He must be rich or something!”

Once I got back from the bathroom I told the men we had to go to Entourage because it was our friends birthday. All of a sudden the men start speaking in Yoruba and ask us to wait while they grab their coats….

NONONONONO!!…It is a ladies night we explain…and our fake friends birthday celebration and they can’t come. Now I thought Mishah was overly nice but big sis Zilah is even nicer. These sisters just didn’t want to make these poor men cry so I had to be hard, straight and harsh…..but little did that help.

We went to Entourage around 2….the men were still playing our shadows. The bouncer said that they were closing so us girls wanted to go back to Lounge 31. For some weird reason, these men start telling us that we are not heading back there and that we are going somewhere else…..

Now Sasha had to bring her Fierce and be even harsher! ” I do not care where you guys are going, us girls are going back to Lounge 31, the music was good and we liked it there!”

One of the men…the most annoying one keeps trying to get us to go somewhere else…he didn’t know where but he just didn’t….while he and his friend broke it down in Yoruba….we made a run for it they followed but we managed to shake them off…. (we literary hid in the ladies room for quite a while)..or at least the majority of them…..

The most persistent one managed to sneak up on us just when we had relaxed…..

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Part 3 coming…..


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