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Study Mode and photos

November 1, 2010

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is well. I am currently in the library at my uni, doing actual work. Got work done with my group for one of the modules I’m doing, The digital newsroom. Since we had a study room booked until nine I thought I’d take advantage of the remaining time and get some work done.

Im not having the best of days physically..but my blog readers are not my physicians so I won’t get into that haha. Big thanks to Mishah and Ade for helping and assisting me :).

I have some more pics for you guys though! Taken by Teri- Adele Roberts. The photos are for a project “Black Youth,” she’s doing for uni, and I thought I’d post some of them here. It only took about 5 min and they were taken before my sports therapy session…haha which explains the sweats! But it’s ll good in the hood ;).

I hate smiling in photos but I think I look rather “dashing” in this haha

Talented photographer indeed!


Im too lazy to write about the events from Thursday to Saturday so I might just post a Vlog…video blog for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term.

Yours Truly/


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