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What happened?

October 9, 2010

So I wrote a facebook status after a night out, I got great feedback which just confirms that I am not going crazy, or overreacting.

Alright women…let’s stop hating, judging, side-eying….and “accidentally” dancing into other fellow females on numerous occasions when there’s space on the dance floor. No one will love you until you love yourself…and that insecure behavior is such a turn off…..but at least the hating and side eying confirms what I already knew….IM FLY AS F***!

So what happened? There were many events that pissed me off that night but I’m just going to tell you about the main one.

We had just been at Glovers bar, having fun, took the party to Brown’s expecting to just dance and have fun. I was alone for a while outside of Brown’s talking to the bouncer and this other guy. We both have our roots in the same area of West Africa, and started talking about the tribes, culture etc.

A while later I go back inside to dance…please note that the area I made my dance floor had loads of space, (important if dutty wine comes on and I need to do the splits!). All of a sudden I feel a creature bumping into me. My first thought was “It wasn’t on purpose,” but then I see her grinning at me, as mature as I am haha I ask her what the problem is…she replies “nothing.”

I keep dancing…..oh and guess what folks?! That annoying specimen of a woman bumps into me again! This has happened before, and I have followed my mothers advice to just walk away…but this isn’t Sweden, and unless you make it clear that people can’t treat you however they like, they’ll keep doing it.

So this time I get upset, ask her what her deal is, and what she wants, she starts screaming threatening is cheap..P-lease…I wish you would. And all of a sudden….The fellow countryman I was speaking to outside shows up…holds her back…”Baby calm down,” “It’s not like that,” and other stuff is said. And all of a sudden everything made sense.

So to the crazy girl and her boyfriend….

1. Just because two people are talking it does not mean that they are flirting.

2. Why would you embarrass yourself and other females by starting something you’d never finish?

3. Ever tried communicating with another woman you see as a threat in a sensible way…like talking? I hear it’s very effective!

4. Honey…I’ve got my own man..and trust me, I have no interest in anyone else because, he’s amazing..why would I downgrade?

5. And as for you “fellow country man,” if what happened is common…don’t step outside of the house with your girlfriend. Or at least, have the decency to not speak to any other women when you’re out, no one want’s a psycho b**** on their a** when they are out to have fun with their friends. GET YOUR GIRL BOY!

And that’s the dillio folks!

Love, Peace and understanding…


  1. Hahaha “All of a sudden I feel a creature bumping into me”

    hahah fan va bra du skriver!

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