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The downside to Preston's nightlife

September 23, 2010

So I’ve been wanting to bring this up ever since I came back home. So I get that men/boys over here aren’t as shy as in Sweden. But there’s a limit to everything fellas. It is not okay to touch another woman inappropriately just because you feel like it, or because you think you’ve adapted some kind of superpower along with your drunkenness, that makes you irresistible to women!

Saying no or stop does not mean that we’re playing hard to get.

I have seen quite a few young girls giggle and laugh whenever a stranger has decided to grope them. I guess they appreciate all that negative male attention or maybe they’re just to scared to start a confrontation. But do not get it twisted and do the mistake and think that all girls will do nothing.

I am not a violent person, but if I feel violated, I will react.

I do not care if you are walking around looking like Trey freaking Songz, have athletic skills like David Beckham or Donald Trump’s money….Don’t you ever think it’s okay for your hand to even approach any of my female body parts. I will come at you with a golf club and swing it at you like Tiger Woods’s wife!

Love/ Fatima

  1. Jay permalink

    Hejsan, ja har en fråga angående studier i england! Det var ett tag sedan jag gick i skolan och har bett mina lärare om rekommendationsbrev. Ingen av dom vill göra en med anledning av att det var ett tag sedan jag var deras elev (4år) . Hur ska man göra då, kan man söka utan rekommendation brev?


    • oj vet inte riktigt vad man gör i en sådan situation om jag ska vara helt ärlig. kolla om du kan få ett rekomendations brev från en arbetsgivare. Annars kan du kanske förklara sitsen i ett brev till skolorna du söker till.


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