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There's a difference between being straight forward and an a**hole

September 20, 2010

Uni life is like a mix between Day’s of our lives, Jersey shore and one tree hill!! I will not mention any names but the foolywang I just witnessed on that devilish addictive website, facebook was not acceptable!

Some guys just assume that they can write anything to my friend! Now she is a girl with self-respect, knows her value, and does not need an insecure brotha man to boost her ego. I get that you like her and all, but don’t you ever…..ever write those degrading things to her! Consider yourself deleted off her friends list.

I am disgusted with your behavior. What you wrote was not ok! And do not even try the whole “Im just being straight with you”!…well I will be straight with you!

There might be females who like being spoken to in that way where you come from..but you will not speak to my girl like that…NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

Shame on you!!!

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