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Flash from the past

September 12, 2010

When I was 14, and my older sister, Sariba 18. She and a friend Diana put together a dance show to promote awareness about HIV and AIDS. This was one of the best times in my life, I got to rehearse with friends. Hang out with the older people and spend less time at my booooring school. I Scanned some of the pics and posted them on facebook just now but thought I’d share some of it with the readers who can’t see the pics there. Hello 2002 fatima.

Before dance training hahah…do not know what I was thinking when I wore that vest.

Inside the dance studio

Great times indeed. Then I started my studies at Calrforsska Gymnasiet with a major in dance.

One of the shows in 2005 at my old school.

Normal Foolywang being overtired and exhausted after a looong day of dancing and other classes.

Poster of our show before graduation.

In in the middle, also schools stage.

Can you spot me? the only black girl haha

Photo shoot for the show

That’s all of the be kind rewind for today folks…Gotta have a look at all of the Swedish political parties now, Im voting tomorrow 🙂

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