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Body Issues

September 12, 2010

I really do not understand what makes it more ok to comment on a womans body if she’s really skinny rather than overweight.

Some of my friends have always been underweight, and I remember some of them trying really hard to gain weight during our teens. Going to “gymnasiet” = Upper secondary School in Sweden, I majored in dance. We were about 23 young girls who loved…or probably started off loving to dance. Personally, I couldn’t have imagine doing anything else with my future.

The changing room turned into  a nightmare for me. I was lucky enough to love myself and my body enough to not compare myself to others. As soon as we all got undressed comments about someones belly being flatter, legs being skinnier, arms being more toned etc started. I finally had enough one day and mentioned that I was getting sick of the comparisons in the locker room. Everyone promised, in front of the dance teachers, to stop…it lasted a week hahaha but then again we were teenagers.

But female body issues don’t really stop the moment “teen” gets dropped from your age. Hitting twenty doesn’t always change much. What made me write this was a comment I got from an old dance class mate on a visit back to Sweden not to long ago.

“Wow, you look great Fatima, a bit more curvy than before, but uhmm…it suits you!”

I wish I could help you hear the tone of her voice, trust me she was not giving me a compliment. But I was quick to answer.

“Yup, I’m rocking the hourglass figure haha, and you’re still stuck in this town now are you, pity you don’t dance anymore.”

Females are always quick to hate on other females. I love giving another woman a compliment, and receiving them from other women makes me feel better than if a man told me I was beautiful. Don’t get me wrong…you attack me with your words, I might not sink to your level, but I will reply.

Age 16, with blondish hair haha.

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