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September 4, 2010

Since I was extremely bored with nothing better to do, I thought I’d get my “Eid hair” out of the way! I sat down with hair extensions, thread and needles and just started the transformation….three hours later…

Before-ish..all natural afro in a bun since I haven’t flat-ironed it in ages haha

After…not so natural but pretty!!

Let’s see how long I’ll keep my hair like this before I get bored again.

Well it’s 6 am so thats my cue….to watch a film or something haha good night/morning!


  1. Ms M permalink

    Oh my – do you plait/weave your own hair? I wish I could do that. It looks gorgeous 🙂

    • Yes I always do my own hair 🙂 thnx!It gets easier with time…practice makes perfect! Im sure you could do it as well!

  2. sammy permalink

    Hi Fatima, it’s wonderful you manage to do it yourself!
    Unfortunately I’m not so convince I could or that it’s look that good. That’s why I have a question for you. Do you know a good and cheap salon in stockholm or surroundings where I could get my extensions done?
    Back home it would cost me 350kr excl. the hair, but here the prices are a bit too crazy for my taste, so I might as well get some recommendation 🙂

    Take care!

    • Thank you Sammy 🙂 It depends on how many inches you want really. But I think it would be hard to find long human hair extensions. I can have a look and get back to you!
      Take care now!

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