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August 16, 2010

I received a letter with the dates for when I start my second year at uni in England. I can’t wait to go back home and stress about all of the assignments I have to get done. I haven’t had any work this summer and it has been really tough due to death in the family and other things that have made this summer….memorable?

I am really looking forward to leaving Sweden, but not leaving my family. I miss my friends in England, I miss my life in England, I miss speaking English the entire time, I miss the football commentators on telly…waaaaay more enthusiastic than the Swedish ones.

The joy I felt when I received the letter was huge. At the same time it made me think…ever since I left my home town after my upper secondary school graduation…I have never stayed in one place for this long….I can’t believe I am staring my second year and actually not having any plans on leaving for my next destination.

Oh and….the reason why I wrote “school” is because I kept getting corrected when I referred to my university as a school my first year in England. It is an institute of higher learning…school’s for kids…

One Comment
  1. Oooooh, and just like that my mind went to Laurence Fishbourne as the teacher in the movie ..

    ..tadaaa, “Higher Learning” =)

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