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Study Abroad question

August 14, 2010

Got a question from a Norwegian lady about studying in the UK…..

Hi Fatima!

my English is not the best and I want to know if America is a better country 4 me to study in. I hear England is very difficult. I live in Bergen, Norge but want to go to another country and study in english.


Hi Lisen!

I have to start by saying that everybody is different. I know that Scandinavians are naturally good at speaking, understanding and most times writing in English.  I started off my studies in the USA and I do not regret it. I find that the journalism studies are a bit harder in the UK but that might depend on what University or College you go to.

I do think you should go abroad if that is what you want. Traveling gives you an experience that helps you grow and mature as a person. Since I do not know what you want to study I suggest you follow your gut when picking country and school.

Good Luck!!!

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