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I to have body image issues

August 8, 2010

I keep hearing from people how it seems like I have great self confidence and so on. Sure I love myself and think anyone who is lucky to have me in their life should be grateful 😛 but I, like every other woman have a complex in some way.

Along with starting a new life I have started to fully embrace the low carb high fat (LCHF) diet once again for health and obviously… shallow reasons. No more of having a diet day every here and there and then not being on a diet. Plus I no for a fact that this is a diet that works well on me.

I have been against diets my entire life. I used to dance pretty much every day and ate whatever I wanted, mostly healthy food but every now and then I would treat myself to something unhealthy. I used to think I was naturally slim and in shape haha…boy was I wrong!

(Women of all sizes can be beautiful..we just need to believe it ourselves )

When I lived in the US back in 2008, a doctor diagnosed me with Pre- diabetes. I naturally freaked out and thought I was dying. I know that diabetes is common in our family and I had only heard negative stuff about the illness.

I started researching on what to do to prevent my Pre-diabetes from developing into type 2 diabetes. So I started on a LCHF diet, since carbs have so much sugar in them. Not only did I loose weight in a healthy way, I felt better and a few months later I went for a follow up and the two doctors who had diagnosed me were so suprised and thought they had dignosed me wrong….which they might have….what do I know. There was no trace of pre-diabetes in other words.

Long story short….I stopped with the diet once I started working the tourist season in Spain due to the fact that my job involved giving sport and fitness classes 6 days a week and dancing in 4 shows a week. I have no idea if eating carbs again affected my blood sugar levels but since I worked out like before…I stayed in shape and slim.

And then the unimaginable happened (dramatic film music)…I broke my foot, it healed badly, and it took 9 months and major weight gain before I could get an operation. This was a couple of months ago and my foot is still not fully restored. But since I am going to start to get back to dancing after my “break”, and I got sick and tired of the Fatty staring back at me in the mirror…I have decided to step by step get back in shape..starting with food and as much exercise as my foot can handle at the moment.

(Back in my “strictly dancing” days)


Don’t get me wrong! I do not want to be as skinny as I was back when dancing was my everything, I love my curves and looking like a coke bottle on fire haha (actual comment I’ve been given ) but I just want my body to look more toned and I want to feel like I have more energy. So I thought I’d start writing about what I eat and some of the exercises I do.

LCHF means that I can eat fish, meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables growing above ground and natural fat and dairy products. I should avoid Sugar, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread and so on and also fruit that has a lot of sugar in them, berries like raspberries are better options. When wanting a treat dark chocolate is a great options.  Heres more info from a Swedish doctor in English.

Here’s a recipe I made up the other day….

1. fry carrots in olive oil

2. Add Chicken sausage (chicken breast would have been better) and fresh


3.Add loads of spices, cream or a fatter milk and cheese..stir.

4. Eat and enjoy!

This was just a quick fix as I was hungry and didn’t have many options in the fridge and freezer. My family sure loves carbs…then again what African does not eat rice pretty much every day? Not me!

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